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I’m Kim, the Founder/CEO of InterKom.  I started InterKom because I saw a void that needed to be filled. After working with individuals & families over the past several years with getting out of debt, budgeting, and managing their finances (by the way I’m also an Accountant!), I realized that hard-working people were still frustrated with their current financial situation; with very few opportunities for them to earn more money. I’ve also noticed & experienced first-hand the frustrations of not having the flexibility to spend quality time with my family & friends during holidays, birthdays, events, etc.

I established InterKom with hopes to create a positive virtual work & team-supported atmosphere where individuals could not only make money, but create their own schedule, be their own boss, and live a financially healthier life-style.

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If you have any questions, sign-up to watch our info-session, read our FAQ section, or send us an email at support@interKomLLC.com.