Click watch now to view the 45-minute Info-Session


Click watch now to view the 45-minute Info-Session



About Us

InterKom Virtual Solutions is a micro-call center that contracts with individuals, like you, to provide quality customer service on behalf of Fortune 500 companies. InterKom provides opportunities for individuals to obtain work-life balance, create their own schedule, spend quality time with their family, while earning additional income. No more commuting to work, buying new clothes, daycare expenses, nagging co-workers, or even risking your life driving through inclement weather. You will be able to work when you want, take off when you want, & enjoy the things that matter to you the most. Apply today and start living life on your terms!

Our Mission

We strive to create a positive atmosphere, team support, and assist our Agents/Customer Service Professionals with providing excellent customers service & become the premier virtual call center across the United States.

Our Foundation

Be Kind. Be Respectful. Be Understanding. Remain Professional


Our Structure

InterKom Virtual Solutions Structure

Our Structure

InterKom Virtual Solutions Structure

Our Clients

Here is a list of several industries
(with over 25 Clients being served).

Cable Communication

Help customers keep their home entertainment services working properly.

Cruise Line

Help customers’ cruise experience more enjoyable.

Tax Industry

Assist customers with making their tax preparation experience hassle-free.

Accounting Industry

Help customers with their bookkeeping needs.

High-End Retail

Assist luxury-centric customers with orders, inquiries and questions.

Roadside Assistant

Assist customers with being stranded on the road to safely returning back to their homes.

Home Repair

Provide top level customers services for the leading DIY retail store.

Car Rental

Make car rental reservation a breeze & simple process.

Sporting Good Industry

Provide quality customer service to the largest sporting good retailer.

Theme Park Reservations

Help families plan & book their family vacations at one of the best places on earth.

+ More industries are constantly being added

Ready to Become An Agent

Complete the agent application and start the process to become a virtual independent contractor with InterKom.



  • Flexibility & Work-Life Balance
  • Positive Virtual Work Environment & 24/7 Private Chat Room Access
  • Team-Support
  • Certification Completion Incentive
  • Agent Incentives
  • Direct deposits on the 15th & last day of the month every month
  • Military & low-income household incentives (if qualified)
  • + More!

Our owner, Kim, has conducted hours of extensive research & implementation to be sure these opportunities are legit. She has also gone through the process to become an Agent/CSP in order to gain hands-on experience of what the new/incoming Agents will experience. Our partner, Arise Virtual Solutions, has been in operations since 1994 and has contracted with over fifty household name brand Fortune 500 companies.

All these expenses are tax-deductible:

  • One-Time Background Check Fee= $9.99
  • Certification Fee = $25 – $250 (depending on Client selected)
  • Notary cost for Affidavit of Identification (check with your local bank to see if you can get this done for free)
  • Computer equipment Cost: Click here to view minimum equipment policy
  • Desk & Chair
  • Check with your tax professional for more tax deductions!

People with positive attitudes who are looking for work-life balance, flexibility, creating their own schedule, and earning income from the comfort of their own home; such as, individuals seeking better work opportunities, stay-at-home parents, parents of truancy, teachers, veterans, etc.

Ideal agents are self-starters, able to follow instructions, & computer savvy.

No, our Agents are independent contractors and are becoming certified to use the client’s software. Think of this as going to school to obtain a certification,  diploma or degree in order to find work opportunities to make money. Successful completion of the course selected can take approximately 2 – 8 weeks. There are some work opportunities that will be “Earn while you Learn” and will be stated on the Opportunity Announcement before paying for the certification course.

Pay depends performance & client serve. Rates can range from $9 – $16.50/hr. base (remember there is no max number of hours you can work depending on your performance metrics, but the minimum is 15 hours per week); or per call or per minute (whichever is greater).  All details about performance will be listed in the Agent’s contract & pay ranges can be viewed on our secured Agent portal after full registration. Agents have made anywhere between $300 – $1,300 per pay cycle!

You will get paid on the 15th & last day of each month (unless it falls on a holiday or weekend).

Yes! You’ve given so much of your life for our country, it’s time you get an opportunity of a lifetime. Upon completing the registration process, active military, military spouses, and veterans will receive 50% off the cost of your first client certification course (which can average between $20 and $300). Select the appropriate response when completing the application.

CSP stands for Customer Service Professional. It may also be used interchangeably with Agent or Independent Contractor. CSPs provide quality customer service on behalf of other companies. (Think of this as when you call your cable or phone company asking for assistance to resolve an issue; you will now be helping other people resolve their issues).

Yes, it is the cost of utilizing the platform in order to gain access to work opportunities. Unlike other business owners who charge a percentage of your pay, InterKom only charges a small payroll fee of $50 per pay cycle which covers the use of the Arise platform and an administrative fee (which includes processing payroll, end of the year tax documents, payroll calendar, & on- going team support).

Click here to download a pdf copy of the basic computer requirements. Please note, that each client may have additional equipment requirements in order to service their customers. This information will be listed in the Opportunity Announcement before selecting the client. If you need to purchase equipment, click here to purchase equipment from Work At Home Equipment Solutions, which is an independent business, or check with your local electronics store. For a list of call center headsets, click here.

Starting January 2020, Windows 7 will no longer be supported & will not be compatible when servicing clients. Contact Microsoft to see if you qualify for a free Windows 10 upgrade.

**Be sure your computer meets the minimum requirements**

  • Work when you want
  • Take off when you want
  • Spend quality time with family & friends
  • Save on gas and/or daycare expenses
  • No dress code
  • No nagging Co-workers/Boss
  • No Income Cap
  • No driving during inclement weather

Answering inbound calls, data entry, and/or chat support; providing quality customer service; remaining professional at all times; be alert at all times; and communicate clearly & effectively.

We require a high standard of integrity. Any person that has been convicted of or pled guilty to a felony or certain misdemeanor charges will not be approved as an Agent. The $9.99 background check fee is non-refundable, but may be included as a deductible tax expense (consult with your tax professional).

You will be considered an Independent Contractor. Unlike employees who receives a W2 and have taxes withheld from their checks; as an independent contractor, you will receive a 1099, no taxes will be taken out & you’ll be responsible for submitting your taxes. Click here for more information about estimated tax payments. As an independent contractor, you are in control of your schedule, decisions, etc. All information given should be considered as advice. Please see your state & federal law regarding working as an Independent Contractor or contact your tax professional for additional assistance.

Independent contractors do not receive any health, dental, vision, sick, vacation, time benefits. Coverage will be the responsibility of the Agent/CSP.

We currently only contract with Agents/CSPs within the United States, except for the following states: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Wiscoinsin

Our recommendations: Be punctual, positive, willing, ready to learn, able to provide quality customer service, self-starter, follow instructions & computer savvy.

Yes! Click here for more information to see if you qualify.

  • Read the FAQ section & Watch the 45-minute info-session
  • Submit an application through our website by selecting Apply Now
  • Once application has been received & accepted, you receive an email with step-by-step instructions to register on the Arise platform (please follow each step).
    • CSP ID#2515697 (Referral ID)
    • IBO ID# 196670 (Call Center Information)
  • Submit an initial background check for $9.99, Sign a Non-Disclosure, & Waiver with Arise
  • E-sign & submit a W9, Direct Deposit Authorization form & Independent Contractor Agreement w/InterKom
  • Submit a Voice Assessment
  • Attend Virtual Orientation
  • Join our 24/7 team support chat room
  • Select Client you would like to service
    • Complete a 2nd background check (free), voice assessment, & computer assessment
    • Notarize & Submit Affidavit of ID
    • Pay for certification course
    • Enroll, Attend, Complete, & Pass Certification course
  • Begin servicing Client and start earning money!

**If you follow all instructions, you can begin certification within 2-3 days after applying & passing the background check.**

Please email us at  or  Call (318) 516-3818 (voicemail/text message only).

Contact Us | (318) 516-3818 (text/voicemail only)

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